Klookva Creative Award 2014



Klookva Creative Award 2014

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The new brand developed for our client Ural Fd has benn awarded with the Creative 2014 award in the eighth edition of the annual Retail Finance Awards of the russian magazine The Retail Finance.

It thus recognizes the great innovative impulse Ural FD has shown with the creation of their brand retail Klookva. Retail Finance Awards Awards are held since 2007 with the dual purpose of review innovations in the field of retail banking, and attract the attention of the professional community about the most significant achievements of retail banking in Russia.

The transformation of Klookva

The project developed for the creation of the new Klookva experience to a new brand is not limit, but the program signed included the five elements of the methodology Delgado with the addition of technical support in areas such as operations, organizational management, integration Telecommunications, template selection, sales, collaborative programs among others.

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Between 2011 and 2012 our company advised the bank in the complete management of the development agenda. While the new brand identity was kept secret (until February 2013), the bank had begun to launch new products and develop new sales channels, service and functionality.

When he discussed the new identity, the decision to move to a new value brand and market position was accepted quickly. The bank chose an approach to modes of operations completely new retail sector in Russia, involving a model of personal consultation on branch paired with effective support in Middle- and Back-office.

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