TBC, financially strong

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This project started as a branch transformation program, but it quickly expanded into a major multi-faceted project. Delgado developed in-store communications, brand applications, staff training programs, and completely re-engineered the operational processes, making them much more efficient.

The first issue to deal with was the adaptation of a traditional bank to the new changes in terms of technology, such as: card usage, electronic transactions, phone banking and internet banking, in order to align the delivery channels with the business strategy.

The change was required to overcome customer inertia and engage them, as well as make the bank a trusted organisation.

Along with it, a staff culture was developed aimed to teach them how to understand and identify the service levels required

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for each customer and activity, attempting to be more sales and not transaction focused.

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While developing the new guidelines of the bank strategy, we emphasized the fact that the branches should not be seen as transactions centres, and enhanced the area dedicated to inform and sell products to customers.

They should become in an attraction point of new customers as well as keep an emotional bond with the old ones.

The vast scope of this transformation included management model and organizational structure enhancements, the reallignment customer segmentation approach, product offering re-design and launch, sales and service culture development, staff training, new service standards, operational process improvements inside the branches for throughput capacity optimization, re-structuring and re-formatting of the retail network, including new re-designed retail branches, development of new alternative channels, customer loyalty program development, partnerships and alliances, restructuring and launching new style of marketing and communications, brand re-positioning, and much more.

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New products were developed in order to gain presence in alternative markets, such as the female gender. In collaboration

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with COSMOPOLITAN magazine and other brands, we created a special range of cards with discounts and advantages.
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The user experience was taken into account when developing the new bank website, as well as the rest of the values that the identity owns: trustworthy, responsive, transparent, real, easy to talk to or use.

[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″] [su_quote]From virtually no retail presence, the bank is now a major player in the market.[/su_quote]

The bank has doubled its branch network within a year and plans to open another 50-60 branches using Delgado’s branch-model. TBC doubled its customer base within just six months.

Average wait-time for customers has been significantly reduced, and each operational staff now handles 150-170 customers per day – a substantial increase in efficiency.

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