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The LiBra© concept applied to new friendly enviroments

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BNP Paribas is one of the worlds largest banks. In 2010 we were asked to address a number of issues with their new international concept.  This included product development, distribution model, new staff processes and management structure as well as introducing a series of new products for the bank. The pilot programme was focused on The Ukraine, where we built a test network which also included  developing the original design concept to reduce costs and align it with the new operating methods.

[su_quote]It was necessary to drastically alter most of the existing operational processes.[/su_quote]

The LiBra project created a new type of branch based on simple and efficient electronic only transaction services and a basic product range that would be delivered in an open, friendly and modern environment with higher levels of service provision normally associated with the Ukrainian market.

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The pilot program was incredibly successfull and a full roll – out was undertaken for Ukraine and has since been adapted for use in the rest of the BNP international operations.

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[su_quote]UkrSibbank’s level of customer experience scored higher than all its competitors.[/su_quote]

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